Begin at the beginning … and go on till you come to the end: then stop 

no time like the present to start a blog to keep track of my honours thesis adventures. Honestly thought i was done blogging, like done done, like as dead, buried and cremated as tony abbott’s workchoices, but here we are! I can’t be stopped! apologies, &c., &c.

I have spent the morning collating all my primary sources to have a look at before semester starts – FROM MY COUCH, mind you, I can access Catherine Helen Spence’s 1854 Clara Morison *from my couch* to a mobile device in my hand in the year of our lord 2022, i am old enough for this to blow my mind – and writing a list (in pencil, on paper, thank you) of books to collect from the uni library. To which I may go today. who knows. i’m on holidays, the world is my oyster.

in other news, as an elective this year I have chosen a four-week intensive on James Joyce’s Ulysses in late march. Laugh at your leisure. I’m almost halfway through and i adore it so that might help. i hope. right? actually, don’t answer that.

ever yours,

the girl who should be reading, not faffing about on wordpress for chrissake


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